Happy Birthday, Piper, Robbi, Tibi, Wiggins, Lucy, Mackenzie and Mac. You are now 4 months old!!!! Piper celebrated her birthday with a visit to her Vet, Dr. Cathy Connelly and her Tech, Crystal. She had the fourth and last set of vacs in the puppy series. She will get the rabies vaccine next month. I don’t like to load puppies up with too many vaccines at one time, and the rabies is a rather potent one. My Vet is comfortable with my decision to wait on the rabies. She knows that all my other dogs are protected, and Piper will not be going anywhere except our backyard.

I was also reminded by the Vet that I need to give Piper the Heartworm pill. It not only acts as protection against heartworm, but it also acts as the second wormer for the puppies. They had their first worming at six weeks of age.  Here in Nevada we don’t have many cases of heartworm, because mosquitoes and fleas don’t survive in this environment. But Piper will get the one dose for worming purposes.

Piper is still getting puppy food and will get it until she is a least 6 months old.  Puppy food has all the nutrients that a puppy needs to have in order to develop into a strong healthy adult.  I did start her on the canned Ultra puppy food that I mix with the Ultra puppy kibble.  The canned puppy food has chunks of meat and vegetables and she devoured it!!!

Piper weighed 10.5lbs, and Cathy pronounced her to be a very healthy, happy, playful puppy.

What did all the other puppies do on their birthday?

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